What a great idea!   Check out this site:  eDivvyUp   Its an online auction platform to use to equitably divide tangible personal property among beneficiaries.  

"eDivvyup is the leading online auction site for equitable property distribution. The concept was created to assist Estate Planners, Estate Executors or other individuals dealing with the equitable distribution of personal property. eDivvyup is focused on providing an easy-to-use solution to reduce the stress that accompanies the responsibilities of the property division of an estate. "

Our last post on this subject, Fighting over the Teapot, discussed the family feuds that can come up over dividng the personal belongings of the deceased.  Here is what the folks at eDivvyup say:

"eDivvyup is a new completely online application that conducts a family auction for the purpose of allowing family members to divvy up a loved one’s personal estate. Baby Boomers are at the point in their lives where their parent(s), are unfortunately going to pass away. Although this is the natural course of life, it can be a painful time.

While this new milestone for Baby Boomers is a point of significant loss, it has also proven to be a stressful time where in-fighting can occur among siblings over the prized personal possessions left behind. Family members who once shared rooms, laughter and dreams can end up enemies while fighting over a watch or a chair that once belonged to mom or dad."

If you try it in an estate you’re settling, let us know how it works.


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