The Toronto Sun reports that Heath Ledger’s 2-year-old daughter, Matilda, will inherit his entire estate.  Apparently, the family "gave" all the money to Matilda.  Heath’s estate is estimated at $16.3 million.

See the my earlier post, The Joker, describing the issues in Ledger’s estate.  His will, executed two years before the birth of his daughter Matilda, did not include her.

Interestingly, Ledger’s father, Kim ledger, told the newspapers that "Our family has gifted everything to Matilda."    I doubt that very much.  You think they were found to be the beneficiaries and then gave their inheritance to Matilda, paying gift tax?  I’ll bet they just agreed not to pursue their claims.  However they want to spin it – the result is the same –  Keith’s little girl inherits.

Blogging credit to San Diego Estate Center.

Now there is another fight.  ReliaStar Life Insurance Company is refusing to pay on Heath’s $12.5 million life insurance policy claiming that he committed suicide.  The New York City inquest found that Heath’s death was due to an accidental prescription drug overdose.  If the insurance company is acting in bad faith –  that could triple the award to Matilda.