William F. Buckley, the conservative columnist who died  in February 27, 2008,  had one son, Christopher Buckley.  Christopher has two children, Caitlin and William, with his now-estranged wife, Lucy. Christopher had an affair with book publicist Irina Woelfle and together they had a son, Jonathan, now age 8.

William F. Buckley’s will contained this provision: "I intentionally make no provision herein for said Jonathan, who for all purposes . . . shall be deemed to have predeceased me."

Jonathan’s mother is seeking more child support form Christopher Buckley, who currently pays $3,000 per month.  Her petition notes that there has been a substantial change in Christopher’s income (since his father died and he inherited).

The New York Post’s headline for the story:  NOT ONE ‘BUCK’LEY FOR YOU!

Why is this news?  It shouldn’t be.  It is another example of the overweening sense of entitlement that children (and more remote issue) have to inherit their parents’ estates.  Children have no right to their parents’ estate let alone grandchildren.  How many times have I met with an ailing client’s children and found that the children think the estate is already theirs –  except for the minor inconvenience that Dad is still drawing breath.  Isn’t the support of Jonathan his father’s problem and responsibility?  Really.