Joel A. Schoenmeyer wrote an excellent review of Mrs. Astor Regrets, by Meryl Gordon. 

Attorney Schoenmeyer says: "I just finished reading Meryl Gordon’s book Mrs. Astor Regrets, and highly recommend it. The story should be interesting to anyone who likes a lurid tale that’s well-told, but it has special interest to those interested in estate planning and related fields."

And closes with: "Interestingly enough, although Brooke has been dead almost two years, the battle over her estate is just beginning. And the battle has now carried over into the criminal arena, as Anthony is currently on trial and charged with stealing from his mother. After that trial, a Will contest trial will begin over certain estate planning documents signed by Brooke."

Here is the New York Times Sunday Book Review of the book.  Click here.

Donna L. Davey, writing for Library Journal:  "This is a behind-the-scenes account of the scandal sparked when the grandson of world-famous philanthropist Brooke Astor sued his father for neglecting to properly care for his grandmother. Gordon (New York magazine) conducted 230 interviews for the book and interweaves Astor family history with insights provided by Astor’s family, friends, caregivers, and servants. Shortly after Astor’s death, Tony Marshall, her 83-year-old son, was indicted on 18 counts of grand larceny, falsifying business records, conspiracy, and possession of stolen property, reigniting a frenzy in the tabloids that began 16 months earlier, when grandson Philip Marshall first raised the allegations that his aged grandmother was living out her final days in neglect. Intimate details of the family life and interpersonal relationships of the New York society icon are exposed by Gordon in this impeccably researched, thoroughly detailed, and absorbing profile of a sadly dysfunctional family."