Brooke Astor’s son, Anthony Marshall, 85, was sentenced to one to three years in prison.  He was convicted earlier this year of 13 felonies and one misdemeanor.  Marshall’s former attorney, Francis Morrissey was also convicted on five counts including forgery and scheming to defraud Astor.  CNN reports

During the trial, Marshall was portrayed as a cold, calculating man who spent the last years of his socialite and megaphilanthropist mother’s life stealing her fortune to line his pockets

"These defendants, two morally depraved individuals, preyed on a physically and mentally ill 101-year-old woman to steal millions of dollars — dollars that she had intended to go to help the lives of ordinary New Yorkers," Seidemann said, echoing his closing argument to the jury.

The sentence came after a six-month trial that featured as witnesses a "Who’s Who" of New York’s social elite, including Henry Kissinger, Graydon Carter, Barbara Walters, Vartan Gregorian and Annette de la Renta.