CIGNA refused to pay the death benefit on a life insurance policy claiming that the death was not a result of an accident.  They claimed the injury was self-inflicted, as the crash could reasonably have been anticipated to happen with an intoxicated driver.  No life insurance for you, Mrs. Firman.

The widow has brought a lawsuit since CIGNA denied the internal appeal. 

 As reported in the Houston Press:

"According to the lawsuit, CIGNA told Firman that since her husband "would have been aware of the risks involved in operating his vehicle while under the influence, his death was a foreseeable result of his actions and thus not an accident." CIGNA also told Firman that driving drunk is "conduct that must be deterred, apparently assuming a moral stance on this claim," the lawsuit states. In the end, Firman claims, CIGNA decided that since her husband was intoxicated, his death was the "result of intentionally self-inflicted injuries."

And if you have a heart attack because you are overweight, have high cholesterol and don’t exercise. . . . . . .

 Hat tip to J. Michael Young of Texas Probate Litigation and his blog post.