We wrote about Brooke Astor’s Estate and the litigation involving her son and lawyer.  A perfect example of financial abuse of the elderly. 

Philip M. Bernstein of The New York Probate Litigation Blog reports on the final settlement here.  Read the New York Times report here.

 "Mrs. Astor’s storybook life took a nasty turn in her later years, when Philip Marshall accused his father of mistreating his grandmother in her dementia and sought to have a guardian appointed for her. The allegations that Mrs. Astor’s son had left her living in squalor in her multimillion-dollar Park Avenue apartment led to a trial that shocked a social stratosphere in which Mrs. Astor rubbed elbows with the likes of Henry A. Kissinger, David Rockefeller and Annette de la Renta. But a court evaluator found no validity to the abuse allegations.

Following months of testimony, Mr. Marshall and Mr. Morrissey were convicted of most of the counts they faced. The most serious conviction for Mr. Marshall was for first-degree grand larceny for giving himself a retroactive pay raise of $1 million for managing his mother’s finances. "  NYT