The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has issued a decision holding that a third party that relies on a power of attorney is not immune from liability if the power of attorney is not valid. This decision calls into question third parties’ acceptance of powers of attorney.

In recent years I have been increasingly frustrated by the

The Springfield, Illinois State Journal-Register reports:

"Sandra Gayle, 65, of Springfield was convicted of financial exploitation of the elderly and financial exploitation of a person with a disability. A Sangamon County jury deliberated a little more than an hour Friday before returning the verdict.

Prosecutors introduced testimony over the course of the four-day trial to

In Brodsky Estate. (O.C. Div. Montg), 29 Fiduc. Rep. 2d 57, December 11, 2008, objections were made to an account of the agent, Brent Brodsky,after the principal’s, Cecilia Brodsky’s, death.  The agent was surcharged $210,000 for transferring funds to himself from an account in joint names between agent and principal.  The funds had been contributed solely by

And stay out of trouble!

More and more agents are being asked to account for  their actions and more and more litigaiton is aimed at agents who abuse their powers, especially by making gifts to themseles.  Learn how to do it right and stay out of trouble.

When you agree to serve as attorney-in-fact under