We are happy to welcome a guest post from political commentator Don Feldman:

It could have been worse.


*         In the year of the “perfect storm” for Republicans, the charismatic Democratic candidate got 52% of the vote.  If not for the timing of the economic meltdown, McCain might have won.

*         As it is supposed to, the Electoral College margin exaggerated the size of the victory.   This will probably save the Electoral College for another generation or so which is a big plus for the country.

*         Although we will sorely miss Liz Dole and especially John Sununu in the Senate, so far we have kept Al “the Barbarian” Franken at the gates (at this writing, the sainted Norm Coleman – the only candidate in history to quote Maimonides in a stump speech – is leading by 750 votes out of 3 million cast).  The Democrats will not get 60 seats in the Senate.

*         Bans on gay marriage were approved in Arizona, Florida, and (likely) California.

*         In a long overdue development, it looks like convicts will have fair representation in the Senate in the form of the indomitable Ted Stevens.  Sleazeballs will continue to be overrepresented by among others, the shameless William Murtha.

*         And of course, we have the inspiring Sarah Palin to look forward to in 2012!  Keep your chins up!


Updates to follow.