When I graduated from law school, I had little insight into the business of running a law practice. Don’t get me wrong; I had great knowledge about the law. But I did not know how to actually build a client roster, create and deliver services, administer an office, and get paid a fair fee for work performed.

Susan Cartier Leibel has provided a way for today’s sole practitioners to learn all of these things, and more. She has founded Solo Practice University™. SPU is a web-based legal learning and networking community for lawyers and law students. I am very flattered to be included among this distinguished faculty of progressive lawyers, marketing professionals, technology consultants, and other legal business giants. 

I will be teaching, talking and blogging about wills, trusts, estates, and taxes. The much ballyhooed inter-generational wealth transfer from the baby boomers is upon us and this practice area will be going strong. I will help you to use the SPU community to pull together the knowledge of tax, property law, future interests, contracts, litigation, and legal writing you need in today’s complex trust and estate practice environment.

I will be teaching a course on Trusts and Estates Practice as well as being available for online office hours where you can get your technical questions answered and find answers to how to run your law business and give your clients top notch service.

Lawyers who take on trust and estate matters without the necessary skills and tax experience may find themselves facing unexpected fiduciary liability. As a frequent expert witness on trust and estate matters, I will work to help you avoid common mistakes that can undermine your legal career.

Working along with SPU, I will teach you how to use the Internet more effectively to access the necessary information, forms, advice, and research you need for your trust and estates work. You will find that access to information is no longer prohibitively expensive for the solo practitioner.

Technology has made it possible for solo practitioners like you to be just as prepared, just as smart, and even more nimble than their big law competitors. Add to this the advantage of the SPU community to share tactics, solutions, and ideas. As a solo practitioner, you now have the unparalleled opportunity to expand your network, learn new skills, find the best technology, and build your practice.

Can’t wait to get started!