The January 24, 2010 Lancaster Sunday News front page headline is "MISPLACED FAITH?".

Gil Smart’s article (read it here) explained an investment scam that  looks like an Amish version of the Madoff debacle.  Full details have yet to emerge, but it appears that the interest rates promised by John M. Sensenig were simply too good to be

UBS is in trouble again.  This time for inducing a 77 year old Hong Kong woman who doesn’t speak English and who never finished primary school to sign documents in English, one making her a "professional investor" under SEC regulations.   They sold her an equity accumulator – a very complicated contract not unlike the fancy

Stephen Greenspan has written an article entitled Why We Keep Falling for Financial Scams, published in the Wall Street Journal on Janury 3, 2009.  See the article here.

Greenspan writes: 

"There are few areas where skepticism is more important than how one invests one’s life savings. Yet intelligent and educated people, some of them naïve

Reserve Primary Fund (Ticker RFIXX), a money market fund with $62 billion in net assets, today wrote off $785 million of debt issued by the now bankrupt Lehman Brothers, reports Christopher Condon for

The Board of Trustees of The Reserve Primary Fund issued a news release today (September 16, 2008).  In the release they stated

Bear Stearns, Fannie and Freddie, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers.  What’s next?

And what about all the trust portfolios that are headed down?   Remember, the standard of care under the Prudent Investor Act is not measured by portfolio performance –  it is a standard of trustee conduct measured by how the trustee monitors, responds, and follows

The failure of IndyMac Bank has caused many bank depositors to ask questions about FDIC – the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. According to FDIC 10,000 IndyMac customers could lose as much as $500 million in uninsured deposits. FDIC will pay claims between $4 billion and $8 billion to insured depositors. FDIC representatives predict that there

The goings on at Hershey Company are always of great local interest here in Central Pennsylvania. But of more than local interest is the litigation surrounding the management of the Milton Hershey School Trust and the attempt to sell the company.

Jonathan Klick of Florida State University College of Law and Robert H. Sitkoff of