The New York Court of Appeals has broken new ground.  It has held that an attorney may be held liable for damages resulting from negligent representation in estate tax planning that causes enhanced estate tax liability.  The court held that a personal representative of an estate may maintain a legal malpractice claim for such pecuniary losses

CIGNA refused to pay the death benefit on a life insurance policy claiming that the death was not a result of an accident.  They claimed the injury was self-inflicted, as the crash could reasonably have been anticipated to happen with an intoxicated driver.  No life insurance for you, Mrs. Firman.

The widow has brought a lawsuit

Thomas Bucher, son of retired Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas Judge Wilson Bucher, died in July 2008.  It was a suicide.  His will gave the bulk of his estate to the Lancaster County Public Library – an estimated $1 million. We wrote about the case in an earlier blog post. 

Judge Joseph Rehkamp, the Perry County