When I graduated from law school, I had little insight into the business of running a law practice. Don’t get me wrong; I had great knowledge about the law. But I did not know how to actually build a client roster, create and deliver services, administer an office, and get paid a fair fee for

We are happy to welcome a guest post from political commentator Don Feldman:

It could have been worse.


*         In the year of the “perfect storm” for Republicans, the charismatic Democratic candidate got 52% of the vote.  If not for the timing of the economic meltdown, McCain might have won.

*         As

"It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good "

                                                              –old proverb

The current low valuation levels in the financial markets present some unique opportunities for estate tax and income tax planning.  Low values give the opportunity for transferring assets on very advantageous terms, freezing low values, and recognizing losses for income tax planning.   

Here is a list

"Hell hath no fury like a white knight spurned."

           – Jonathan D. Glater writing for the Wall Street Journal.

Wachovia had a "silent run" losing scads of big depositors. Citigroup came to the rescue – loaning them cash.  With FDIC guidance, Citigroup stepped in to prevent Wachovia from collapsing on Monday September

High-profile Allentown PA defense attorney John P. Karoly Jr.,  was indicted September 25, 2008 by a federal grand jury on charges he and two others conspired to defraud his brother’s and sister-in-law’s estates of millions using fake wills.

John J. Shane, a doctor Karoly often used as an expert witness and Karoly’s son, John P. Karoly